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Mina Zubia recommend this book to me, World of Wigcraft - it is 300 pages in a spiral bound book with over 90 tutorials. Check out the link for sample pages.

I posted this on my Facebook recently and some commented with positive reviews. The book came out in 2010 at $59.99 but currently available on their site for $29.99 as Katie is clearing out her inventory so now is probably a good time to get this ! 

Before and after!! Ahahaha. Few days before shooting with @jesusclares, @sumyuna and I passed by this location and we decided to take the same picture we were planning to take in our Morrigan and Flemeth costumes for you to see THE MAGIC OF COSPLAY AND PHOTOGRAPHY in all its glory.
No photoshop here. Just tons of make up, fanciness and good lighting.

#yeswearethesamepeople #cosplay #magic

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