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Don’t be afraid to ask other cosplayers for advice! 

Someone who has already made the costume can tell you what to avoid and what worked which saves you time, stress and money. I always suggest including other cosplayers when gathering references so you can see what they did that you like, but you can also keep them in mind when you get stuck. Most cosplayers will be happy to share their secrets if you ask nicely :)

gugtin asked:

Hey, I saw your borderlands Maya cosplay, and it looked great! I am thinking of doing a display of her as well and was curious of what you used to draw the lines on the costume, if you remember what you used. Thank you for your time!

Hi! Thank you very much :D

It’s very simple, I used a black permanent marker. Here, in my blog, you can see how I made and painted it (you can choose your language by clicking on your flag at the top of the blog).


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