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mynameesmuerte asked:

I've only seen the one picture, but yeah, that Tali cosplay is so accurate I don't even know what to say. I half expect to see your legs bent backwards at the knee. Amazing work!

Thank you very much! At first I thought about making my legs look like that but I forgot to leave extra fabric behind the knees and I ended up sewing it like a regular catsuit (I was in a rush to finish it) :( At least the leg armor looks a little bulky.


jazuthevulcanprincess asked:

Your Tali cosplay is so amazing and impressive i am in awe. I have been searching for a Tali cosplay that looks exactly like the real thing and you are it. You are a gift to the galaxy, thank you.

Awwwww!! Thank you so very much! You made my day :D Tali means a lot to me and it was a big cosplay challenge, so having this kind of feedback is really heartwarming for me :3 


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