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The ‘Open Book Cosplayer’ Project

There is a stigma in the cosplay community that most cosplayers would prefer to hide the tactics used in order to make a particular cosplay. This project is dedicated to raising awareness for those cosplayers who are open to being asked questions and more than willing to help those in need. In short, you are an ‘Open Book’ full of information for all who seek it. 

The badges above represent some of the most general topics of cosplay craftsmanship, including wig work, tailoring or sewing, prop making, armor making, makeup, electrical work or mascot costumes. This does not mean that you claim to be a master of this or that type. It is simply to say you feel confident enough to answer questions on these subjects and in the event you don’t know, you’re good at re-directing them to someone who might know better.

Other badges that represent non-specific craftsmanship items have also been included. ‘All Things’ - representing ability to tackle any question; ‘Awareness’ - representing knowledge or advice about social issues in cosplay, such as CONsent; and ‘Morale’ - willingness and advice to boost morale for other cosplayers.

By posting one of these badges, you are openly saying that you are more than welcome to take questions from cosplayers on your craftsmanship tactics and workings. Of course this in turn means that asking cosplayers should also know to credit and thank those that helped them out. 

Click here if you’d like to download these badges for your own use.  Feel free to put them on your page, resize them, put them on backgrounds, ect. Post them however you please.

If you do use these badges, please link back to this post so people can learn more about what an ‘Open Book Cosplayer’ is. 

Also utilize the tag Open Book Cosplayer so people can find cosplayers to ask!

(( I am reblogging this to say that I am an Open Book Cosplayer!  If you have any cosplay questions, feel free to ask and I will help you in any way I can!

But, please be itemized & specific with your questions. I have a hard time answering questions that are too vague or generalized. Example “How do I get the frizz out of my wig?” is easier for me to answer than “How do I cosplay better?”  ))

This need to exist for photographers too

There was a small while where i was thinking of doing that while making badges, but the problem becomes this:

IIIiiieeeeee… am not a photographer :/ So I generally wouldn’t know what sort of badges to make other than a general ‘Cosplay Photographer’ badge.

If people gave me some ideas, I can see what I can roll out :) I have 0 issues making things for people to go ‘HELLO ASK ME THINGS I IS HELPFUL’ :D

Our Garrus and Shepard costumes at the Japan Weekend convention in Madrid! 

Both armors and M5-Phalanx heavy pistol prop made by me (Nebulaluben) FB/TW/INS/WEB/DA


Femshep armor: 1/2

Garrus armor: 1/2

Garrus cosplayer is Adrian Winters. He helped me making his armor. Femshep cosplayer is me.

Garrus mask by My Wicked Armor, fixed and painted by us.

Black Widow sniper rifle prop made by Skullopathy.

Clips taken from Japan Weekend 2014 COSPLAY VIDEO by Herzlocast. 

Our Dragon Age cosplay group!

Clips taken from this amazing video Dragon Age - Cosplay Fan Film, by Cameko Sam.

Each costume made by its cosplayer:

Wolfenizer as Hawke.

Sumyuna as Flemeth.

Maro as Carver.

Sender as Anders.

Cait as Fenris.

Wilbur as Isabela.

Nika as Merrill.

Zihark as Zevran.

Myself, Nebulaluben, as Morrigan.

More Shakarian goodness in the form of cosplay.

Both armors and M5-Phalanx heavy pistol prop made by me (Nebulaluben) FB/TW/INS/WEB/DA


Femshep armor: 1/2

Garrus armor: 1/2

Garrus cosplayer is Adrian Winters. He helped me making his armor. Femshep cosplayer is me.

Garrus mask by My Wicked Armor, fixed and painted by us.

Black Widow sniper rifle prop made by Skullopathy.

Clips taken from Japan Weekend Madrid 2014 // Cosplay video by Cameko Sam.


A-a-and we still have one thing we need to do before we can start to live our 5th year. We need a Lady for this year.

Allow me to introdu… oh, guys, I bet you already know her pretty well and I don’t even need to introduce her to you.

Okay, okay, I’ll give ya few tips. So. She had a whole Themed Week devoted to her. One more? Okay. She did Amazing Sirens from Borderlands, Commander Shepard and Tali from Mass Effe… aha! Told you, you know her!

Then let me say it out loud: The Lady of Cosplay Blog for Season V (2014-2015) is wonderful Laura as know as Nebulaluben. Ta-da-a-a! \:D/

Laura is very kind, cute and absolutely amazing cosplayer. You all saw her gorgeous sirens from Borderlands (if you didn’t, then ohmygosh, you totally should do it now). Not so long ago Laura also has began translating her great and detailed tutorials to English (for example, this and this). I reallyreallyreally want and I wish so hard that this year will be very productive and awesome for our Lady.

And I hope it will be productive and awesome for us all as well. :)

Sincerely yours, Cosplay Blog.

Commander Shepard (in custom armor) from Mass Effect 3

Cosplayer: Nebulaluben [WW | TM | DA | TW]
Photographer: Jesús Clares [WW | TW | FL | FB]

Additional Credits:

  • Black Widow Sniper Rifle: Skullopathy [WW | DA | TW | FB]

I’m this year’s Cosplay blog lady!! This is so flattering and I’m so honored that one of my all time favourite cosplay pages chose me as their image! 


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